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You Scream. I Scream.
We All Scream...For Real Estate?

How to raise funds in the modern world.
Patch of land is an investment and fund raising site for real estate.  As an accredited investor you can invest with as little as $5000 and there are no fees for investors!  As of today there has been no reported loss and the average investments I saw had a return around 10-11% and had a period of 12-18 months.  
As a borrower this is great for those who want to flip houses or for rental properties that can have a good return in a short amount of time.  The advantage compared to a bank is the increase likelihood you will have investors.
So whether you are looking to invest or borrow money for real estate click the link above and take a look for yourself!  There are other websites as well that have similar functionality if this one doesn't meet your requirements.  I chose this one due to no fees for investors.
More reviews will be added shortly!