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    I would like to take you on my journey of learning about cooking, travel, and planning for the future.

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    I was born in California and moved east every few years growing up until I ended up in Florida. I grew up seeing many different people and experiencing many things. This has grown into a great appreciation of different foods, cultures, and activities. I was always taught to try things at least three times and if I still didn't like it then it is time to move on!

  • Current Projects and Interests

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    Travel and Photography

    Moving around so much growing up has given me an itch to travel to different places. It is very interesting to travel to new places to see what is similar and what is different.


    I also enjoy hiking, snorkeling, and outdoor activities. If you are ever curious as to what a beach in Florida is like, fun activities to do there, and good places to eat I will try to make it their and give my first hand experience!


    This has progressed into me finding my love of photography again.

    Health and Fitness

    I am a huge foodie. I love trying new foods and experimenting with new flavors. Trying new restaurants is one of my favorite things, especially in a city I've never been to before. If you ever want me to try anything and give my review of it let me know! I do travel a bit and if I am going to a city where you want me to try something specific I will do my best to try it.

    Financial Planning

    From the moment I took Economics in high school I had a huge interest in investing. I immediately read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and other financial how to books. I am currently reading "The Intelligent Investor" by Graham, the same book that Warren Buffett and other great investors read before they made their fortunes. I am currently learning both passive and active investment strategies as well as developing my own investment ratio to appraise stocks.


    From planning for a mortgage, school, babies, and everything I am learning as I go. I am more than happy to take you on this journey and teach you what I learned the hard way and what has been successful.


    Business Planning

    Go to my fiverr page in order to purchase one of my packages to review or setup a business plan:

    Business Plan Help click here


    Portfolio Recommendation

    Go to my fiverr page in order to purchase one of my packages to review or setup an investment Portfolio:

    Portfolio Help click here


    Motif Investing

    I am currently using Motif Investing to create my own portfolios.

    What is Motif Investing: http://tinyurl.com/noyesaq


    Passive Investment Tutorial Video

    I am currently recording a tutorial video for how I do research on setting up a low expense diversified passive retirement portfolio. As soon as I complete it I will be releasing it and will have some excerpts here as a preview.


    Active Investment Tutorial Video

    As soon as the passive one is done I will release the next phase of active investment.


    As I am always looking to learn more about advertising, marketing, product placement, and sales, I have been working on a few different projects. The best way to learn is to do.


    Amazon Affiliate Stores

    I am in the midst of launching my first amazon affiliate store at www.LulzBot.co . I will also be working on a few others after I have had this one up for awhile to see how traffic is driven. The benefits of the amazon affiliate program is I do not need to manage suppliers, inventory, or customer service. It is just a referral program so I just get a variable commission on the sale.



    The next project will be actually designing and selling products. This involves designing the t-shirt and selling through Amazon and Facebook. There is only the t-shirt design company involved, but I will be selling actual products at this point.


    Launched my first campaign on tee spring so check it out and grab one for yourself! https://teespring.com/keep-calm-and-3d-print

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    Where you can find out what happens when two brain cells collide!

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