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    About Jeremy Foxx

    Born in California and moved east every few years growing up until he ended up in Florida. He grew up seeing many different people and experiencing many things. This has grown into a great appreciation of different foods, cultures, and activities.


    As a goal oriented and big picture thinker, Jeremy can work successfully in both teams and independently. Jeremy enjoys facing challenge as much as new experiences. He is a MBA graduate from the University of Florida.

    As a product manager Jeremy has a strong technical and customer service background along with market analysis. His experience includes numerous multimillion dollar design projects along with running day to day operations. He is intimately involved with the entire design and project process starting with helping sales with specifications and working with customers to solve their challenges.

    In Jeremy’s free time he avidly studies business, investing, and marketing in order to expand his knowledge base. He has used google adwords and facebook advertising to help increase sales, brand awareness, and conversions.

    The main driver for Jeremy is to help people and improve the world. From volunteering his time and helping others reach their fitness goals to providing pro bono consulting advice, he is passionate about improving people’s lives.


  • Product Manager - Electronics

    IDEX FIRE AND SAFETY https://www.idexfiresafety.com/  

    For centuries, the brands of IDEX Fire & Safety have specialized in manufacturing some of the world’s most reliable fire safety and rescue equipment. Our brands bring you high quality, comprehensive solutions to solve mission critical problems, save lives, and better the world in which we live.


    Manage the global development and growth of the electronics, Foam and CAFS product lines, including the Hale/Class1 (Florida), Akron/Weldon (Ohio), and Godiva (Warwickshire, UK).

    New Product Development

    Collect Voice of the Customer (VOC), market data, and balance those opportunities to determine the best roadmap for the product lines with a focus on technology and integration.


    Brainstorm with marketing to develop marketing/sales literature and develop the market strategy. That includes identifying the appropriate market and balancing marketing spend vs potential sales opportunities.


    Collaborate with operations and engineering to improve margins and address quality issues.


    Communicate with customers, develop specifications, negotiate new deals/opportunities, and conduct training for both sales and the customer on current and new products.

  • Other Projects and Interests

    Hobbies and other interests

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    Travel and Photography


    Moving around and traveling so much growing up has driven an interest in new cultures. Along my travels I picked backup on my love of photography. I published some of these photographs to help fund further travels and experiences.

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    From the moment I took Economics in high school I had a huge interest in investing. I immediately read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and other financial how to books. I am currently reading "The Intelligent Investor" by Graham, the same book that Warren Buffett and other great investors read before they made their fortunes.


    With this continued research I happened upon bitoin in 2017. Something I first researched in 2009, but never did anything with. Finding out its progress and doing more research I grew a large interest into blockchain techonology and applications. I work closely with some crypto influencers and companies to promote and help educate others.

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    Gains Everyday Fitness Apparel

    E-Commerce Business

    Gains Everyday is about healthy lifestyles, motivating people to want to get out and move everyday, and proper nutrition to fuel their bodies. We search through the internet and compile the best high protein, nutrition dense food that is not only healthy, but tastes good as well.


    We help people trying to eat healthy without having to decipher the labels. We use established products that people can feel comfort in knowing they are picking a snack or product that is nutritious and high in protein.

    www.gainseveryday.com ​

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