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Cryptocurrency the hero of the "Unbanked"

Summary: Essentially there is over $300Billion in currency that is "unbanked" in cash and out of the digital economy due to predatory lendors and other similar "quick cash" lenders being the place that this demographic of paycheck to paycheck or other situation. Since they are paycheck to paycheck they don't find a classic bank as a convenient way to store their money.
Regardless who they are this demographic is being targeted by Paypal as a potential customer where they are planning on charging "only" 1% compared to the current 10% with no interest being paid back on the money stored.
This is the perfect application for cryptocurrency where much lower fees can be charged and provide people a safer more secure way to store their cash as compared to paper money and opens them to using digital services. 1% seems extremely high to just store their money and access it and I hope that crypto can fill this void instead.

What do you think about this and how can crypto reach this market?

What do you think is the best solution for this?