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Blockchain as a solution for preventing fraud

Getting hacked is awful...
Getting your personal information is awful...
Having your credit card fraudulently used is awful...

With the day and age where the credit bureau in charge of our credit audit gets hacked ( ) people are asking why are we still using social security numbers ( and I completely agree.
With blockchain companies like civic ( make so much more sense now in this day and age. If the world has a system to know who you are and it is verified then the need for passports, social security numbers, and IDs becomes irrelevant. No one can steal your data or wipe you of without destroying every ledger of your existence.
I was a victim of equifax and patreon and fraudulent credit cards charges. I had no control over these things. I didn't control my data and I can't prevent someone from guessing my credit card number (it was close to someone else's number).
What we can do is try to figure out a solution for the future so that the world is a safer, more honest place. What do you see as the future?

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