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Beating the Index?

An exploration into Motif Investing

A beautiful beginning...

I am always looking at good ways to invest and I read a Forbes article talking about investing like George Soros, so I was intrigued.  After a bit of research and a trip to investor junkie this sounded like an interesting way to invest cheaply.  

It is perfectly setup for someone who is interested into starting a portfolio for the first time that doesn't have much to money to start.  At $4.95 a trade you can't beat those prices. Throw in the ability to create your own portfolio and buy the whole thing for $9.95 and you a very efficient way to purchase stocks.  

If you don't have much experience and would rather trust more experienced people then the motif professional portfolios are perfect.  

Are you a more set it and forget it investor?  Then they have "lazy" portfolios already setup and rebalanced automatically.  It isn't what you are thinking.  They are very efficient and great for people not interested in being "active" traders.

You can read more about Lazy portfolios here.

I already have a few of my "Motifs" setup already.


Best of all if you join Motif Investing by using this link then you will get $100 credit!